About What She Said Creatives

Hi, I’m April. The owner and maker of all things at What She Said Creatives. I was raised in a small town in Southern Alberta where I met my husband, fell in love and got married. He brought me up to the Great White North to start our new life together and though I was worried about the long winters and all the snow, it quickly became home. I still miss the chinooks but I love our life here and can’t imagine living anywhere else now. 

I spent many years working with children and adults with disabilities in classrooms, group homes and work programs. I loved it but once I had our 2 kids, my desire to work outside of the home quickly fizzled away. I found creative ways to make money and support our family such as buying and selling on Ebay, making different items to sell at craft shows, starting an online store for baby and kids items, although these things were fun, they were not me at all. I’ve always been a lover of sarcasm and joy and was trying to figure out a way to share that love with the world around me.

What She Said Creatives was started on a whim while I was on the quest to find a great greeting card. I wanted one that wasn’t all flowers and sunshine but also wasn’t filled with super crude words or innuendos. I wanted something funny that wouldn’t make my Grannies blush, but would still give them a really good chuckle. What I wanted was Funny without the F-Word, and that’s exactly what I was able to create for you.

Greeting cards quickly became more fun products including socks, parking cards, decals and gift tags that all featured a little bit of snark and a whole lot of happy.

Thankfully, my life with a husband, 8 kids and 2 pets provides me with more than enough material to write and joke about. I look forward to many more years of fun and sharing all of it with you. Welcome to my big family, enjoy!!