Don't puck with me socks

How It Started, How It’s Going

I often get asked how our socks hold up. Does the lettering crack/peel easily, do they wash well?

Clearly, the lasting value of a pair of What She Said Socks lies in how much they are worn and washed (and hopefully you wash your socks after every wear!), so that’s part of the equation.

The other part of the equation is quality. I didn’t want to just buy junk and put snarky sayings on them. I wanted something that would last and that my customers would enjoy wearing. Before the pandemic, the supplier I ordered from was a popular brand name and they would send their socks to me prior to adding their brand. High end, well known sock makers. The supply chain has faced challenges, as it has in every other industry, so I had to search and replace (temporarily) the men’s socks. I paid more rather than sacrifice quality. The good news is I am back in business with the original supplier and will be able to resume the consistency of product that is important to me. My brain can now relax knowing all the socks will be same/same.

So, how it starts and how it ends with What She Said Socks is a bit of a mixed bag – partly quality and partly how much wear and tear they are subject to. However, a friend sent me a picture of socks she’s had for four years, and I’ll let that tell the story.

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